Tuesday, November 23, 2010

try succulents this season!

Instead of using traditional cut evergreens this year, try incorporating some living succulents into your holiday decor. These tough little plants are known for growing in arid climates, characteristically storing water in their leaves (think cactus, aloe plants, etc.).  Recently, I've been seeing them used in much more prominent ways and I think they offer such a fresh, unexpected touch to wreaths, indoor arrangements and table setttings.  A good family friend recently used them in arrangements mixed with amazing florals and other unique fruits and vegetables for a post-wedding celebration party - so elegant! (see picture below). The great thing about succulents is they aren't terribly expensive and last for up to three to four years (with a half to full day of sunlight)! Just look how gorgeous and different they are!

 Photo courtesy of Snippet & Ink

 Photo courtesy of Snippet & Ink 

 Succulent Wedding Favors from Martha Stewart Weddings

 Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

Succulent wreath by Fiona Grubb via Design Sponge 

Photo courtesy of NK Photography

 How gorgeous is Anne's arrangement?!  This is only a portion 
of the whole thing which was about 4 feet long!  

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