Friday, April 22, 2011

Once Upon A....Royal Wedding Viewing Party!

Set that alarm Ladies in Waiting!  It's almost time for the much anticipated Royal nuptuals of Miss Catherine Middleton and Prince William, set to air live on April 29th at 6:00 AM EST.  And to get you in the spirit (not that it's possible to get anymore excited), I have a Royal Wedding Viewing Party that will have your guests ready to rise and shine for a seriously chic get-together to view all the glitz and glam that is sure to ensue at Westminster Abbey...

Royal Attire: Glamorous Pajamas [what else?!]
Note: It's a Royal wedding - feel free to go a little over-the-top!
Due to the not-so-convenient time difference, I think its completely acceptable to throw a pajama party for this history-making occasion. No need to sacrifice style - pick out a new pair of glam pajamas (fit for public, of course) and lounge in luxury as you watch Miss Middleton walk that runway of an aisle...

Jenny Packham Robe. TopShop Versus Jewel Pumps. Collage created by In Good Taste.

English Accessory: The Fascinator
In a nod to our fashion-forward friends across the pond, adorn your head with something fabulous to celebrate the special occasion.  Try making your own fascinator or order one from a few of the great shops below (Etsy also has great vendors).  This Brit-inspired accessory is too gorgeous not to be an American staple..

Top Left  + Bottom Right: BHLDN. Top Right + Bottom Left: Lo Boheme. Collage created by In Good Taste.

The Menu:  Traditional English Breakfast [Madeover]
Treat your friends to a stylish English brunch full of champagne cocktails, refreshing Pimm's cup and traditional British favorites. Keeping things simple with a little sophistication is the perfect combo for an early morning event that is honoring such a high-end occasion.  The key is making things ahead [noted below] in order to eliminate a 'crack-of-dawn' panic attack. Making a frittata is a great way to prepare a brunch main dish without having to slave at the store. Throw the eggs and other ingredients into a pan and pop in the oven...that's it! Puffy, golden deliciousness in less than 30 minutes. Cut into small wedges or squares and its the perfect breakfast dish without the fuss (and easy for guests to eat standing). Prepare your other menu items while its bakes. Follow this chic menu with a few tips and your guests will feel like Queens, indeed!

Collage created by In Good Taste.

Menu designed by In Good Taste [Laura Boyd].*

· For the Pimm's, slice all fruits the night before and store in air-tight plastic bags, so all you have to do is throw them in the pitcher and mix everything up before the guests arrive.  You'd be surprised how long this little step to prepare a garnish takes!
· Make the scones the night before as well. Store in air-tight containers or plastic bags. Buy store-bought clotted cream, jams, lemon curd and marmalade to eliminate prep time. Dish into small bowls the night before and store with plastic wrap so all you have to do is remove from the fridge and serve!
· Make the lemon-lavender syrup the night before. Slice the strawberries and cover with plastic wrap that night as well. Store in the fridge and mix with the syrup just before serving. Again, slicing  takes more time than you think!
· If you don't have time to make your own cookies (and totally not necessary since they are really just an accessory to the coffee and tea), go ahead and buy store bought shortbreads and tea cookies (Walkers are classic and a great alternative to homemade). Chances are most guests will be full off of the main menu items anyway.
· Be sure to cook the potatoes for the fritatta the night before as well. Reheat before using in fritatta.

 *All recipes and photo credits are listed within the 'Bites' tab.  Enjoy! xx


  1. Oh my, I'm in love with everything you've posted. How I wish I could host a Royal Wedding Viewing Party. Brilliant idea.

  2. I agree with Gabriella - what a luxurious and gorgeous post. I want to reach right in and add some of these goodies to my house - and wardrobe!

    Love it :)

    The "me" in madness

  3. Ooh, great idea! Just popped over here from your facebook comment on a Matchbook photo (I think). Love your suggestions, yum!


  4. As a Brit, I'm loving all these things! Thankfully over here, the wedding was at a civilised 11am, so pyjamas were replaced by dresses and hats for my viewing brunch :) There was definitely Champagne involved too!


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