coral rouge.

Now that the weather is perking up a bit, I'm absolutely loving the pop a bright corally-red nail brings to just about any outfit.  Here, Olivia Palermo shows how a simple red nail can lend a happy splash of color to a more muted palette of black and denim.  Ever since I was little, I have always opted for vampy red nails (was never a fan of the typical girly bubble gum pink), and leaning towards a coral-toned version instantly updates the hue for Spring (not to mention it will compliment those punchy neons that are popping up everywhere!).  I also love how fresh this color looks with nautical stripes and white jeans...grab some classic Ray Bans and you will certainly be exhibiting some great taste this season...

Image via The Glitter Guide (via MusingsinFeminity and PoorLittleRichGirl)

Try Essie's "Flirt" or "Coral Reef," or OPI's "Cherry Red" to brighten up those nail beds! Keep nails short and squared off to avoid looking too vamped up - bold hues on long nails are never a good combo!

Essie's "Flirt"

colour me happy.

So I am really into bold/colorful contemporary art right now (post to come), and totally fell in love with this fantastic painting I came across on the blog, vivaamore. It's entitled, "You can lead a horse to water" and I can't help but smile when I see it. Would love to own a bright piece like this one day. Hope it brightens up your week a little!

'You can lead a horse to water'
Image via Mimi + Meg.

spring has sprung: good taste wish list

With the daffodils peeking through and the Cherry Blossoms already in bloom, it's safe to say that I have a serious case of Spring fever!  Not to mention, I'm going crazy over all the amazing Spring lines that keep popping is a little wish list of bright finds that are making me stir-crazy for sunny weather!

Kate Spade New York campaigns bold, cheeky color! 

On this rainy day, I can't help but feel happy looking at the newest Kate Spade color campaign, starring Bryce Dallas Howard, and featuring a vivid rainbow of cute candy-stripes and fabulously bold color (the opposite of what I'm looking at outside right now).  I'm seriously craving Spring....where is it?!  Love the bright yellow jacket and cute flats in the last couple of pictures...

All images courtesy of Kate Spade New York

Speaking of color, check out this quirky video the Kate Spade New York team made, featuring the unwrapping of a Surprise Ball!  How fun to make one of these with cute little trinkets for a cheeky birthday gift, or maybe in an egg shape full of fun Easter treats?

Put some Spring in your step with nudes + neons!

This Spring, it's all about the pairing of soft neutrals with pops of bright neons.  For those who don't want to end up with a closet that glows from the inside, try utilizing this trend with fun flats. Ballets are always a great addition to your collection and the fun neons are a great way to add a pop of color without having to commit to an investment piece that may strain the eyes a few years from now (although I believe that you can never go wrong with bold, unexpected color!)...

The Inspiration:

Photo via Elle Tumblr Blog
Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011 via Choosy Syle
Donna Air in Burberry Prorsum via ST Cafe
Glowing Finds:

1. Topshop flats. 2-6. J. Crew flats.

Chic Reads.

A unique assortment of coffee table books is one of my favorite things about someone's home.  Accessories and decor say a lot, but there's something about the books that a person openly displays (and usually only a few at a time) that really sum up true, individual style.  These over-sized, over-the-top reads exude a lifestyle essence that they seem to bestow on their owners once they are stacked nonchalantly atop one another. Here are a few of my favorites that are not only artistic displays of beautiful content, but timeless finds that I could flip through over and over again...all designed and written, of course, in very good taste.  

Flirty Finds for Valentine's!

Hey there, Valentine! Looking for that finishing touch to glam up your V-Day?  Opt for a flirty headband courtesy of one of my favorite sites,  With fabulous 'french poufs', glitzy shoe clips and bows that scream drama, takes accessorizing to a new level with a bit of tongue-in-cheek glamour.  Keep all eyes on you (including his) with a fabulous hot pink find like the Pop Flower pin or the Two Tone Satin Sash headband.  Whatever you choose to "be yours," you'll certainly have more than one secret admirer after a prance in a pretty!

All photos courtesy of

Good Taste Resolution: Save with Style!

With each coming new year we seem to gain new experiences, new friends, and new decisions to better ourselves for the road ahead.  As we embrace 2011, during these lovely economic times, we could all benefit from the resolution to start saving more (my least favorite thing!).  As always, gorgeous designer temptations always seem to break the bank, so I decided to dig deeper and see if it really is possible to still look polished and put-together on a serious budget. With a little creativity and some great resources for fresh finds, I think it just may be possible...

Glitz, Glamour and Wit! Say Hello to the Divine Style of Mrs. Lilien

Recently, one of my good friend's introduced me to this fabulous blog from designer and self-proclaimed "stylist extraordinista," Kelley Lilien.  I'm fully confident that if you are anything like me and adore 1950s-60s inspired glamour and colorful, cheeky design, you will be addicted to this blog!  As the namesake for Lilien's styling house, Mrs. Lilien, showcases a design aesthetic that is absolutely to-die-for! The blog uses playful rhymes to give inspiration on anything from the perfect "Mrs." cocktail party to chic accessories and styling ideas. Check out her blog for a taste of her whimsical genius (the fact that her blog rhymes, doesn't hurt either!).

Mrs. Lilen Styling House

Bippity Boppity Boo: The Gilded Pumpkin!

Love traditional fall decor but need a chic alternative on the average orange pumpkin?  Don't fret - pull a fairy godmother and transform your gourds into metallic masterpieces.  Simply pick out some favorites from the patch and use metallic spray paints to wash them in a chic, shiny finish.  Try using small silver or gold painted baby pumpkins at each place setting for Thanksgiving dinner, or use larger, carved pumpkins set in groupings as votive holders.  Just a little paint can glam up even the simplest of pumpkin porch decor! 

Photos courtesy of:  Martha Stewart Living [top left]; Jaimee Rose at [top right];
and Caromal Colours [bottom]

If you're too busy to paint this season, try picking up some simple white pumpkins for a modern, minimalist take on typical fall decor.  Your elegant Jack-o'-lanterns will be anything but ordinary, and won't require the additional effort!

Photos courtesy of Southern Living [top left]; Martha Stewart Living [top right]; 
and [bottom]

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