Monday, April 4, 2011

coral rouge.

Now that the weather is perking up a bit, I'm absolutely loving the pop a bright corally-red nail brings to just about any outfit.  Here, Olivia Palermo shows how a simple red nail can lend a happy splash of color to a more muted palette of black and denim.  Ever since I was little, I have always opted for vampy red nails (was never a fan of the typical girly bubble gum pink), and leaning towards a coral-toned version instantly updates the hue for Spring (not to mention it will compliment those punchy neons that are popping up everywhere!).  I also love how fresh this color looks with nautical stripes and white jeans...grab some classic Ray Bans and you will certainly be exhibiting some great taste this season...

Image via The Glitter Guide (via MusingsinFeminity and PoorLittleRichGirl)

Try Essie's "Flirt" or "Coral Reef," or OPI's "Cherry Red" to brighten up those nail beds! Keep nails short and squared off to avoid looking too vamped up - bold hues on long nails are never a good combo!

Essie's "Flirt"


  1. Awesome, she looks so "polished" the low ponytail, too

  2. Corally-red is my color for the entire summer. My fave: Sunset for Two by OPI's Nicole line.

  3. Ohh, thanks for the rec Doreen! I will have to grab that color next time I'm out! xx, Laura

  4. Oh yes, coral red - love that colour! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I really appreciate it. Love from London xo


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