Thursday, October 6, 2011

inspiration in remembrance

A fearless visionary and creative genius, Steve Jobs was more than just a highly successful entrepreneur and CEO.  He was a game-changer. The incredible legacy he leaves behind not only through his influence on the way we interact with technology, but also on the definition of personal excellence, will forever be imbedded in our culture. I will always admire his bold desire to pursue seemingly crazy and unattainable goals, and to pursue them well - so well that the results redefined what is now the future. His legacy, as well as his wonderful quote below, are dedicated to all those out there with big dreams.  Thank you Mr. Jobs for inspiring us all.


  1. That quote -- and his entire commencement speech really resonated with me as well. Such a sad loss.

  2. p.s. wonderful art to accompany your tribute


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