Sunday, July 3, 2011

Good Taste Fourth of July Fete!

Happy Fourth! There are few things better than a laid-back, early summer barbeque to kick off the summer (and the 4th!). Wake up that typical cookout menu with a few twists on traditional favorites.  Mini burgers with brie and fun, boozy popsicles are the perfect way to keep the menu casual and fun while updating flavor profiles. As always, I have provided make-ahead tips for menu items that can be prepped ahead in order to lighten the load on your day-of entertaining checklist.  With just a few little additions [and fun touches], your menu will be the highlight of the holiday weekend... 

Collage by In Good Taste [Laura Boyd]

Menu designed by In Good Taste [Laura Boyd]*

· Make popsicles a few days before the party and store in freezer until just before serving.
· Form mini burgers into small patties the day before and store in the fridge. 
· Cut cold brie into small squares and store in fridge as well.
· Make the red onion  marmalade the day before and return to room temp before serving.
· Fry the crispy onions the day before and store in air tight plastic bags.
· Cube watermelon and tomatoes the night before and store in fridge in air tight containers.
· Make pound cake a few days ahead and freeze if necessary. Defrost the day before.
· Cut berries the night before and store in air tight containers in fridge.

*All recipes and photo credits are listed within the 'Bites' tab. Enjoy! xx

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