Monday, January 24, 2011

clink! clink! cheers to retro revelry

Thanks to Mad Men, I think its safe to say that the traditional cocktail hour is back in style.  Grab your pearls and champagne coupe and start clinking to the good life.  Vintage cocktail glasses aren't just unique, I think they make for great home accessories as well.  Search for great Culver finds, glistening with grapic gold prints, or opt for some whimsical rocks glasses with bold stripes. Place on a pretty cocktail tray and, voila!, the perfect side table accessory. Retro chic is all about bold patterns and bright colors, so take some risks and have some fun.  Try mixing and matching for a quirky happy hour full of style!

For a little inspiration...

All "Mad Men"photos courtesy of Vintage glassware [top right] via the BorrowedAbode blog. Champagne and vintage glassware from Lonny Magazine. Gold Bamboo glasses from the Sleepy Poet via Matters of Style blog. Purple vintage bar set:

Gimlets, Manhattans, and Old Fashioneds, Oh My!  Click here and cheers to the good life!

All "Mad Men"photos courtesy of Pink cocktail glasses: The Hour Cocktail Collection. Culver glasses on red backdrop: Ruby Culver gold trim bar glasses: Green-striped rocks glasses: 

For those in the mid-Atlantic area, The Hour cocktail shop in Alexandria, Virginia is an amazing little spot brimming with chic bar accessories and fabulous vintage cocktail finds - including retro artwork and jewelry (because every girl needs that perfect cocktail ring to partner with her punch!).  Here are a few samples of their fun inventory...

All photos and images courtesy of The Hour Cocktail Shop (Alexandria, VA)


  1. A tray of cocktail mixers and pretty glasses is a must! As it happens, I own the very gold glasses that you feature in the top photo! Love 'em and use 'em all the time.

  2. Oh fabulous! They are so gorgeous - where did you find yours?


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