Sunday, October 17, 2010

bippity boppity boo: the gilded pumpkin!

Love traditional fall decor but need a chic alternative on the average orange pumpkin?  Don't fret - pull a fairy godmother and transform your gourds into metallic masterpieces.  Simply pick out some favorites from the patch and use metallic spray paints to wash them in a chic, shiny finish.  Try using small silver or gold painted baby pumpkins at each place setting for Thanksgiving dinner, or use larger, carved pumpkins set in groupings as votive holders.  Just a little paint can glam up even the simplest of pumpkin porch decor! 

Photos courtesy of:  Martha Stewart Living [top left]; Jaimee Rose at [top right];
and Caromal Colours [bottom]

If you're too busy to paint this season, try picking up some simple white pumpkins for a modern, minimalist take on typical fall decor.  Your elegant Jack-o'-lanterns will be anything but ordinary, and won't require the additional effort!

Photos courtesy of Southern Living [top left]; Martha Stewart Living [top right]; 
and [bottom]

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  1. love the pumpkins will try that with the one s in my garden in my the silver and gold...can't wait to see what Laura comes up with for Xmas!!!!!!


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